You Can Now Watch Microsoft Demo

With the launch date of Surface Duo off, you may be wondering what it can achieve and how it can help you. Fortunately, Microsoft has released a video demonstration that lets you watch it in action.

How to View Microsoft Surface Duo Demo

The video comes to us from Microsoft, with the company publicly releasing their press briefing demonstration on YouTube. The demo covers everything that the Surface Duo can do with its fold-design ability to run an app on its screen.

Even though the original intention of the video was to convey information to the press, it also doubles as a deep breakdown of what the Surface Duo can do. As a result, if you are a journalist or not, if you are curious about Microsoft’s dual-screen device, you leave it to yourself to watch the demo.

Surface duo preparing for launch

The video is hot on the heels of Microsoft’s confirmed launch date. We have revealed in our article that the Surface Duo is releasing on September 10. Apart from the release date, we have talked about the specifications of the device and you can make an offer for yourself.

Microsoft surface duo

Surface Duo released on September 10 for $ 1,399

Microsoft has confirmed that the Surface Duo will be released on September 10 at a price of $ 1,399. With the offer opening soon.

However, there was a big fork in people’s favor when the news fell: the price tag. After the announcement, some people argued that paying $ 1,399 for the Surface Duo is a joke.

Which may be that Microsoft released this demo video showing the Surface Duo in action. This company is saying, “Sure, it’s expensive, but it can do this, this and this too!”

Gain speed with surface range

Whether you’re excited or confused about the Surface Duo’s capabilities, you can now draw your own conclusions for Microsoft’s video performance. So why not give it a watch and see if you think the Surface Duo deserves its price tag.

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