Google Starts Rolling Out Its G Suite Gmail

In fact, from now on when you will find yourself using Gmail, you will also get a heavy dose of meat, chat and room. This only applies to G Suite customers, so regular Gmail users will not see any changes for now.

Meet, chat, and get integrated into the room Gmail

Google posted on its G Suite update blog about heavy G Suite Gmail integration.

The company revealed that Gmail will now have four different components, the first of which is Mail. This Gmail experience users already know and love. Google says that nothing will change about the email experience for G Suite users with this update.

Where things change is the addition of chat, which is the service of G Suite for sending messages to friends and colleagues. There will also be a tab for the rooms. This section is for shared chat, files and tasks for groups. The final new section is Meet, Google’s Zoom competitor for face-to-face meetings.

G suite gmail integration

Obviously, these are not new services for the G Suite, but integrating them into Gmail is a big change. Some users may get annoyed if they don’t use chat, room, or meat. However, it makes sense for Google to leverage its popularity to further its other services in its popular email app.

As part of this update, you can open and co-create a document with your team without leaving Gmail. This will make it so that you and your coworkers can do more work without the need to switch between different apps.

G Suite Gmail Integration Availability

If your team is hoping to integrate G Suite into their email, Google says that new features will launch with chat favorites across all domains.

The company also said that there would be a gradual rollout, with the rapid release domain starting on August 12 and lasting 15 days. For scheduled release domains, the company will roll out the update in 15 days starting September 1.

If you’re not sure about using Google Meat, but you don’t like zoom, check out our list of zoom options you can use right now.