Top Instant Personal Loan Apps and Websites (Reviews 2023)

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Personal loan apps and websites

The process of getting a loan from banks is very lengthy as a person has to fulfill certain regulations that depend from bank to bank. But personal loan application has changed the point of view of getting an instant loan. Apps are making a significant change in the modern world. Just one click away from getting a loan through an online application Applicants have to download it from the Google Store or the App store.

Once the application is downloaded on a cell phone, the User must fill in its basic details, one can register it through an OTP (one-time password) as well and can avail of instant cash. This process assists in avoiding long queues at the bank and filling in all details which require time of an applicant and has to give a visit to the bank.

Instant personal Applications have opened gates for people who require a small amount of money for a small duration of time with a low rate of interest on it. More and more people are attracted to these applications because of the services and loan discounts that they are offering to applicants.

Below are some top Instant personal Loan apps with Review: –

  1. Discover Personal Loans
  2. Current
  3. Earnin
  4. Chime
  5. Upgrade
  6. Best Egg
  7. Happy Money
  8. Sofi
  9. Light Stream
  10. Upstart
  11. Marcus by Goldman Sachs
  12. Universal Credit

Let’s discuss all these Instant Personal Loan apps in detail

1. Discover Personal Loan

Discover Personal Loan

Discover personal loan app is a very smart way for borrowers who are having a good credit score from which they can receive a sufficient amount of money for what they are looking for. Discover stands at the top for issuing funds to its customers without any hustle. The application is filled out online or over the phone and the amount is transferred within 1 day. The minimum credit score for funds is 660. And late fees are $39. Following they provide a wide range of amounts from &2,500 to $35,000. All the states are having a Discover office with online applications on their cell phones.

Check Discover Personal Loan Review

2. Current:

Current Personal Loan App Review

Current is establishing its market at a fast pace despite being a new organization. Current is more focused on providing better finance sources for the public and uplifting their lifestyles. A variety of features are being enlisted on its application, for instance, adding cash to its cards, providing mobile banking with no extra charges lastly fee-free ATMs all over the city. Not only a good facility but offers a wide range of discounts and cashback offers to its customers.

Check Current Personal Loan Review

3. Earnin:

Earnin Review

Earnin is a fantastic app that grants the user flexibility in accessing paychecks early. For accessing Earnin facilities one has to not pay any advance fees or interest. With Earnina users can withdraw $100 of their paycheck and the limit for funds is $500. What makes Earning one of the top applications? The eligibility criteria are simple. One has to be an employee who receives direct deposits in an active bank account. Surely its facility has attracted a lot of users which made him a top early money access app.

Check Earnin Personal Loan Review 2023

4. Chime:

Chime Review

Chime provides easy money lending to its customers whenever there is a need to cover an important expense. The chime app is very flexible for all types of users. One has to simply login into the chime app register and deposit a small number of subscription fees and link it to the active bank account of the user. Instant loans start at $100 and may rise as per user credit score and eligibility requirements. The interest is $5 on a $100 loan and may go higher as the amount increases. Chime users are increasing day by day as it is a trustworthy platform.

Check Chime Instant Personal Loan Review

5. Upgrade:

Upgrade Loan Review

Upgrade has made itself in the top personal loan applications. Offering a simple and quick process for borrowing instant money online. Upgrade helps users to make quick and smart decisions to reach their specific target. For instance, buying a new car and many more desires with limitless rewards through credit and debit cards. Upgrade offers a credit line of $500 to $25000 and charges zero annual fees. Following a $200 bonus when a new account is created and 3 transactions are completed through debit card. Moreover, over 1 million customers have shown their faith and trust in Upgrade which makes him one of the top personal loan applications.

Check Upgrade Personal Loan Review 2023

6. Best Egg:

Best egg is the leading top instant loan website. Applicants with a good credit score can get a high amount of loan depending on their respective credit scores. The best egg is a flexible website in its nature as it can be used for a wide range of goals. Usually, it offers an amount of $2000 at the beginning as well direct payments can be made to third-party creditors. What makes the best egg at the top is that it does not charge late penalties.35.99% of APRs may be faced by the borrowers.

7. Happy Money:

Just as its name Happy money it never disappoints its customer. Always delivering joy to its customers. Happy Money is one of the top instant personal loan App. It has helped more than 208,000 users to get more than $3.7 billion of personal loans. Forbes has rated Happy money as one of the best customer-centric companies in finance. Happy money does not charge any kind of origination fee or repayment penalties. The process for borrowing money is simple: it provides a loan by checking the credit score and credit history of the applicant once the user is qualified the money can be transferred instantly.

8. Sofi:

Low rates, no fees have made Sofi one of the most successful top instant loan applications. Sofi offers one of the lowest rates of APR 7.99-23.43% with loan terms from 2 to 7 years. Once the applicant is qualified it receives a wide amount from $5000 to %100.00. There is no requirement for a minimum credit score. For creating an account, it does not ask for an advance fee deposit. Sofi mobile application plays a vital role in managing the loan term as well as checking available rates according to the amount which a user wants to borrow.

9. Light Stream:

Light stream is a leading top personal loan website. Light stream has scored a good rating in all areas as it is affordable, grants transparency with loan flexibility, attracts over a million customers, and delivers an excellent customer experience. Light Stream demands a minimum credit score of 660. With APR 6.99%-23.99%. Initial credit line starts at $5000 to % 100.000 with a repayment term of 2 to 7 years. Usually, it takes 48 hours to get approval for a loan. Light stream is widely available in all states of the United States of America.

10. Up Start:


Upstart was established in 2012 as a platform to join borrowers with lenders. It works with 40 other banks and credit unions for providing loans to its customers. It offers a wide range of loans such as dream wedding loans, house renovation, medical procedures, and many more. Apr ranges from 6.5%-35.99%. In addition, the loan amount starts at $1,000-$50.000 with a 3 to 5 years repayment plan. Upstart is one of the top instant loan websites due to the quick disbursement process that usually takes a few minutes to apply for a loan online and within 48 hours the amount is received in the active bank account of the user.

Check Upstart Personal Loan Review 2023

11. Marcus by Goldman Sachs:

Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers one of the easiest personal loans. Whether it is required to consolidate debt, pay off credit cards, or funds for our home. Marcus provides no-fee loans from $3,500 to $40.000 estimated APR of 6.99% to 24.99%. (Opting for autopay may decrease the APR rate by 0.25%). Marcus mobile application is available for both IOS and Android. App lets us check the balance of our account with review transactions as well as enables us to transfer money from one bank to another. The application has an overall rating of 4.3 on the app store and 4.8 on Google play.

12. Universal Credit:

Universal credit is always the customer’s first choice as it does not require many documents. Universal credit personal loan requires a low minimum credit score of 560. Once the Credit score is met it offers an amount of $1,000-$50,000. Furthermore, it offers direct payment to creditors with debt consolidation loans. The estimated APR could be ranged from 11.69-35.93% with 3 to 5 years of the repayment term. Lastly, it offers a wide range of discounts through its application for its customers which makes Universal one of the trusted and top personal loan applications and websites.


We wish top personal loan applications will help you to gain knowledge about different loan applications with their terms and conditions.  One can borrow funds from the above-mentioned apps and websites if they are eligible for a loan. Although money should be borrowed only in case of an emergency, that is to read the full condition of the loans.

Otherwise, It can create a hassle in the future at the time of repayment. Personal loan applications have different time periods for repayment with different interest rates depending on the credit score of an individual.

As the number of users are increasing for online loan platforms services are also being improvised with different discounts on loan and on credit cards.

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