Google Makes It Easier to Find Live Sports

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Google Makes It Easier to Find Live Sports

Google search is already incredibly powerful, but Google is making it even more useful. The company is adding some incredibly helpful features for anyone who regularly watches sports or entertainment on TV.

The new features are all about showing users where they can see whatever they find. It was always easy to figure out what time your favorite team was playing using Google, but you had to dig a little deeper to find out which channel was playing the game. This update answers that

What’s new in this Google Search game update?

As announced on the keyword, Google has created it so that you can simply find out which channel in your area is taking the game to see the upcoming game on your phone. For example, you can type “and to watch clipboard games” to find the live TV option and how to tune into different types of cable services.

Google Search Games and Entertainment

You can search for something like “Yankees Game” to see common features like live scores, top stories, and standings. However, with this new update, the same search query will also show you where to watch the game. All you have to do is click on the Live On button to get that information.

Currently, Google is adding this feature only for MLB and NBA games, but the company also wants to integrate it into other leagues. Additionally, Google says that it includes a wide variety of cable and network channels, but it will soon add streaming services as well.

What do entertainment fans get?

Google is not limiting its search only to sports fans. If you enjoy watching TV shows, then Google has something special for you.

Based on its updates, which made it easy to find TV show and movie recommendations in search, Google is adding thousands of live content from cable and broadcast providers. You can just type something like “what to watch” on your mobile device, and you will get results from both streaming and live TV content.

Watch movies-kodi

Google Now helps you decide what to watch
If you’re ready to tell Google what kind of movies and TV shows you like, the company will help you decide what to watch next.

The update adds On TV Now Carousel and On TV Later Carousel, which will help you discover new content that is currently airing or in the near future.

Both updates only work on mobile devices as of now.

How to get ahead

Google is definitely offering some great new features that will help you see what to look for. Whether it is live sports or television shows. However, Google search is far from the only option. Watch Netflix’s A-Z to find the best content to watch on the streaming service.

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